We Come Not to Praise Harriet Miers but to Sort of Praise Her

The White House has announced that we're in a new phase of the Harriet Miers nomination. One where we focus on her record and not her religion. Can't we do both? In that spirit Wonkette presents The Harriet Miers Faint Praise-o-Meter. Or, Just How Damned Is She?

Praise: "She put herself in servant roles, making coffee every Sunday morning and putting doughnuts out." [CJR]

Level of damnation:

Will be forced to listen to John Bolton records for all eternity. The UN's John Bolton.

Praise: "She always remembers everybody's birthday, and has a present for them." [Legal Times]

Level of damnation:

Will come back in next life as Ann Coulter's miniskirt.

Praise: "She wasn't a leader and she wasn't furniture. She was in between." [Boston Globe]

Level of damnation:


Forever tasked to "clear Cheney's brush," if you know what we mean.

Praise: "She is a very good bowler." [NYT]

Level of damnation:

Damned Damned Damned-1
We're all doomed.

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