We Correct Ann Coulter So That You Don't Have To

Red_ribbon.pngAnn Coulter spent the bulk of her most recent column pitching hate upon the Oscars and the very people she's been starving herself to resemble.

Most of it is color-by-numbers Coulter, but it would seem that she saved a special blast of googly-eyed rage for George Clooney, who made the interesting point that supposedly out-of-touch Hollywood is actually typically ahead of the curve when it comes to dramatizing the great social concerns. Now, if Coulter were smart, she's simply build a case of "So Fucking What?" and point out that Hollywood's good intentions are the Waldo lost amid the wealth and the vulgarity and the massive gaping egos and the Scientology and the mountains of blow.

Instead, she resumes her losing battle with facts:

Even on AIDS -- which is something you'd expect people like Clooney to know something about -- Hollywood was about seven years behind. Wait, no -- bad choice of words. [Wonkette: Huh?] Even on AIDS, Hollywood got caught with its pants down. Still no good. On AIDS, Hollywood got it right in the end. Oh, dear ... Note to self: Must hire two more interns to screen hate mail.

The point is: The Hollywood set didn't start wearing AIDS ribbons to the Oscars until 1992:

That would have been a nifty trick. As tipster Ian M. correctly asserts, the AIDS ribbon wasn't even designed until 1991.

Coulter goes on to say that Clooney is wrong about segregation in the movie houses: "Contrary to Clooney's impassioned speech, no theaters ever forced black people to sit in the back. If you were trying to oppress people, you would make them sit in the front, which are the worst seats in the house."

Admittedly, this makes a certain sort of sense. But, again, it's incorrect:

In the early years of Jim Crow, segregation in movie theaters did not usually extend to separate facilities for white and black; more often, movie theaters simply designated certain sections of their seating as being for

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