We Didn't Mean to Make It Pick on Mickey Day. But There You Go.

Shorter Kausfiles: "The LA Times exit poll failed to capture the nuances of my complex political philosophy."

Please, no one ask him about why he ordered chicken for lunch. . . . P.P.S.: Was it because I am concerned about "mad cow disease"? Well, no. True, other people who "care" about "mad cow disease" also ordered the chicken. Did I choose based on "calorie count" or "taste"? That one was hard to answer, too. I like chicken, but that could be because I usually eat chicken because it is low calorie. I guess I ordered chicken because I thought it could be a meal that I thought I might be hungry for in the future but that we don't know about and hence don't talk about and can't ask in a bunch of pre-packaged "questions" about "lunch" . . .

Tim Russert's Exit Poll [Kausfiles/Slate]


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