We Don't Do Pre-Emptive Invasions in Muskogee

fighting side of himCountry icon Merle Haggard, who was doing Daryl Worley before Worley started looking for Iraq on a map, has some harsh words for the president: "I'm not really all that happy with him," Haggard told the Associated Press (who are obviously getting a little low on their expert list by now). Haggard continued, "There have been some things, like saying no with (Condoleezza Rice) to begin with and then having a White House reversal. . . I don't think a White House reversal looks good anytime."

Shhh. . . Can you hear that? I think it's the sound of David Brooks's head exploding. . .

Haggard says Bush isn't much of a leader anymore [AP/Houston Chronicle]


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