We Don't Have Joel Kaplan's Friendster Profile, But Here's A Really Old Resume

Sometimes it pays to be a pack rat. A reader just sent this our way:

joel%20kaplan%20headshot.jpgThis is a very random thing to possess, but I happen to have a copy of the resume of Joel Kaplan, Karl Rove's replacement as deputy chief of staff for policy. I think it's from fall 1995 or spring 1996. When he was a law student at Harvard, Joel applied to be a resident tutor in my dorm. He didn't get the job -- probably the first and last time this overachiever didn't get something that he applied for.

Anyway, here it is (attached). It's not terribly interesting in and of itself; it's a pretty typical resume for a high-powered law student, which is what Joel was back then. But I'm totally holding on to it. If Joel becomes president or a Supreme Court justice someday, I can sell it on eBay to feed myself in my old age, after Social Security goes belly up.

Check out the goods, after the jump.


We agree with our reader's assessment; Joel's resume isn't particularly exciting. Aside from his time in the Marines (1992-95), it looks a lot like the resume of a standard HLS student: research assistant job, summer internship on the Hill, and interests that include squash, politics, and the Red Sox.

But other evidence shows that Joel's a fun guy, with a sense of humor. It should serve him well in the often tense environment of the White House.

Joel, we wish you the best of luck in filling Karl's shoes. Just try not to get indicted!

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