We Don't Think the Immigration Bill Failed For Lack of "Bricks," but If It Keeps You Off the Streets...

sendabrick.jpgEvery day we get, oh, 500 chain emails warning us that illegal immigrants are going to steal our jobs, abscond with our wives, and force us to eat salsa (salsa is a common thread in all of them -- why is salsa so threatening? We like salsa!). Today, someone pointed us towards this charming website, which invites concerned xenophobes citizens to throw mail a "brick" to congress, as encouragement (of the mafioso variety, though maybe that's just our film-saturated imagination talking) to build a wall (a literal one, it seems like). We know the line's been used a million times, but even with all the bricks provided gratis, we think the type of people who populate the Capitol would probably need a couple day laborers of ambiguous legality to actually stack 'em up.

Still, though, we are always in favor of mailing goofy shit to Congress. So while we think the cause is ridiculous, we got a "brick" and mailed it to our representative as soon as we could. And we already got our response!


Send A Brick

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