We Explain How To Not Kill Yourself On Your Birthday Watching Rick Santorum's Hobby Lobby Movie


Happy Nice Time People is many things -- fun, funny, dark, weird, fascinating, light, sassy, fluffy -- but most of all it is not afraid to be servicey. Thus, we sometimes delve into the world of mental health, as we did today. And also we talked about the United States exiting The Foreignball Cup, and stuff. Read on and enjoy!

We told you how to not kill yourself.

We celebrated the art of the selfie.

We mourned our nation's tragic loss to Evil Belgium.

We scolded Led Zeppelin, a little.

We reflected on cancer scares and birthdays.

We squealed with excitement over Rick Santorum's Hobby Lobby movie.

Have a fabulous evening, you fabulous creatures. We'll be back tomorrow on 4th of July Eve!


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