We Had an Icky Dream Last Night

harold ickes.jpgWhen you live in Washington and spend all day blogging about politics, it's only a matter of time before it starts to affect your dreams. Once this starts happening, abandon all hope; you're trapped inside the Beltway.

One of us had the following IM conversation with a Wonkette operative (a Washington insider who also has D.C. dreams):

wonkette: So what's new and exciting?

operative: well, you were in my dream last night. weird role you played -- not sketchy -- just weird.

operative: Apparently, Bob Schieffer died, and you called me up to tell me.

wonkette: Interesting... What else do you remember?

operative:I was sad that he died. I liked Bob Schieffer.

wonkette: He has been around for a while -- isn't he like ancient?

operative: Yes. Smaller in person, very cuddly. Small, frail. Like a bunny.

Then the conversation turned to our D.C. dream:

wonkette: I had a weird dream too -- I dreamt that I met Harold Ickes.

wonkette: And I was terribly excited to be meeting him. But the dream Ickes looked nothing like the real-life Ickes.

operative:what did he look like?

wonkette: He was more heavyset and older than the real Ickes, and he was wearing this ill-fitting, ugly beige suit.

operative: yeah... not the real Harold Ickes

wonkette: I haven't been at this for that long, but I'm already having dreams about Harold Ickes. This is disturbing.

Disturbing indeed! There must be a name for this syndrome. Given all the other crap that has made it into the DSM, surely having dreams about Harold Ickes qualifies as something...


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