We Hope Bill Richardson's Not Mad At Us

And now, some news from the Land of Enchantment. The Albuquerque Journal reports:

governor%20bill%20richardson.JPGA well-known blog chronicling Washington, D.C., politics and Beltway gossip reported that Gov. Bill Richardson recently hosted a retreat to "refine his national message" in preparation for a 2008 presidential run.

Richardson gubernatorial campaign manager Amanda Cooper said the site got it wrong: While Richardson did call campaign experts to the Governor's Mansion in Santa Fe to discuss campaign strategy, Cooper said the meeting centered on his 2006 re-election campaign for governor.

Yeah, sure. And Hillary's just focused on her reelection to the Senate. 'Cause she really needs to raise a gajillion dollars to defeat... who's she running against again?

Governor Richardson, there's no need to be coy about your 2008 ambitions. At least one reader of ours is a huge fan. Check out his manifesto, in support of the proposition that "Bill Richardson MUST be the next Democratic candidate," after the jump.

Here it is:

First and formost, [Richardson] clearly likes the ladies. America likes its Democrats (when it likes them at all) randy. Show me another Democrat who's clearly liked sexin' since Clinton. Gore? Please. The man was an asexual stump. Kerry? I think we all know that if it came to a nationwide poll, a plurality of Americans would pick "Gayer than a Christmas tree" to describe Mr. fancypants wind-surfer. Windsurfing. He's not even a real surfer.

Sexy democrats make Republicans act all old testament on Meet the Press, and that tips just enough of the apathetic middle into the "good times" camp. If he's really smart, Richardson will announce his candidacy while being fellated by a transvestite. In Tijuana.

Sounds like a brilliant strategy to us. Bill, if you'd like to hire our source as a consultant for your 2008 campaign, drop us a line and we'll put you in touch.

Gov. Disputes Blog Story About Retreat [Albuquerque Journal (subscription req'd)]

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