We Just Hope They Look Better Naked Than Samuelson Does

Harvard students are entering the smut business with a new magazine that will feature erotic photos of undergrads. We know, we know, like the world needs more pictures of naked rich kids. Even worse: The prospect of a Harvard-based, porn industry automatic-employment generator, turning Penthouse into The New Republic of skin mags. (At least the stories in Penthouse are true.) On the plus side, there's no better metaphor for Harvard alumni's control of the media than a giant circle jerk. Speaking of which, a Wonkette operative writes in with a report on last Friday's Harvard Crimson gang bang. . . or alumni party, whatever. And, guess what, D.C.'s Gen Y Sally Quinn, Jenny 8. Lee, was there! Naturally, conversation turned to her mysterious coronation as the District's "hostess with the mostest" by the New York Sun:

    . . . [A]ttendees incl. Bo Jones, Don Graham, Jim Fallows, David Sanger, Linda Greenhouse, Robert Samuelson, and Jenny Lee (or, as I call her, Katharine 8 Graham)--some claimed that Ira Stoll [the editor of the New York Sun] assigned the story, knowing it was bogus and Harvard-indulgent, in order to build some buzz for the Sun in DC. In other words, it was designed to get backlash, in the there's-no-bad-publicity sense. Conspiracy theorists point out that reading even the front page of the Sun online requires a subscription, but the link from Romanesko goes straight to the article.

It sounds plausible, but how is one to tell fake, backlash-baiting Harvard indulgence from your everyday unself-conscious Harvard indulgence? Because, you know, they're fucking over the reading public with both types. We asked someone from Princeton to sort this out for us, but he was all like, "The New York what?"

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