We Love Jo Ann Emerson

Why we love this town: As soon as we grew bored with that crazy New Orleans mayoral candidate, Jo Ann Emerson (R-Mo) stepped right in to steal back our affection (we'll never stray again, Washington). Below, a letter she sent to a constituent regarding some boring thing that people who write letters to their representatives care about:

http://wonkette.com/images/2006/04/assholeletter-thumb.jpg(Click to enlarge and then giggle for a half-hour)

"I am honored to serve as your Representative in the U.S. Congress. I think you're an asshole."

That is the funniest thing we have seen all week. That is also how we are ending all of our emails from now on. And probably conversations in real life, too. We asked a friend with a bit of experience answering contituent mail his thoughts on the story:

My boss signs dozens of letters like this every month. But he actually pays attention. If something like that went in front of him to sign, several people would be fired. But then again, our database keeps a record of everything coming in and coming out. I don't know what the hell they are using that they can't "find" the microsoft word document that the letter was written in. Whoever wrote that has huge brass balls, I'd love to write something like that to a constituent.

He also reports that Pete King writes letters like this all the time (minus the dodgy language). Does someone want to write to him to find out? Thanks. We are honored to serve as your editors on Wonkette. We think you are assholes.

Update: An operative checked the initials on the left against his staffer database, and declared that the likely author is a Mr. Frank Miller, Legislative Assistant. Mr. Miller: We love your work.

Emerson puzzled how obscenity appeared in letter to constituent [AP via Kansascity.com]


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