We Love You, Washingtonienne

We hear that our own Belle de Hill has been let go. Well, we hear that other people heard it too. One sympathetic tipster told us that she was fired by her boss "in front of the interns and everything. " Further, "the Senator is sure to be briefed. Folks are already taking media calls on this around the Hill."

At this point, it seems silly to not name names, but we're still not going to. We believe that Washingtonienne got a, well, bum deal on this. So she has some extracurricular money-making projects -- it's not like she was selling crack. Uhm, OK. . . We mean, it's not like she was selling drugs. She was being entrepreneurial. Aren't Republicans supposed to reward that? And, for chrissakes, Emily Miller still has her job. Donald Rumsfeld isn't going anywhere. What's the message that sends? It's okay to have other people sodomized but when you do it you're out on your ass?

So, Washingtonienne, we salute you. And, seriously, drop us a line about that book deal. We know loads of agents. Write a thinly-veiled account of this whole misadventure and you'll be the one who can afford some arm candy -- and more.


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