We Need Louder Troops

New Defense Secretary Robert Gates is scheduled to come back from Iraq today, after learning from our commanders and troops on the ground how to pretend to win more effectively. Judging by this transcript of his breakfast meeting, we're not sure if he'll much to report back.

SEC. GATES: What else is going on?

Q: A big thing, sir -- (inaudible) -- there's a lot of crooked (folks ?) within the army now. One big thing which I get a lot -- (inaudible) -- two or three weeks. His concern is -- I guess you could say he likes to -- (inaudible) -- what's going on. (Inaudible) -- like Colonel Llewellyn (ph) has received -- (inaudible) -- death threats within the past month.

SEC. GATES: So when you say that some of the soldiers -- some in the Iraqi army are crooked, you mean that they've got mixed loyalties.

Q: (Inaudible.)

SEC. GATES: So it's not so much theft or things like that you're

talking about, it's --

Q: (Inaudible.) One example would be Mr. Talil (ph). He's the (SG?) -- (inaudible). We were conducting an operation with the Iraqi army -- (inaudible). Two days prior, he went on leave. The day of the operation, he came back, and when we -- (inaudible) -- do the (raid ?) -- (inaudible). Another thing, the Iraqi army -- (inaudible) -- knocking on doors. There were little (black tapes ?), they would skip those doors. They'd knock and walk to the next door. Of course, (Mr. Talil ?) is right there -- (inaudible). He kicks in one door, and then he'll move -- (inaudible). The integrity of -- (inaudible) -- is really bad. (Him/them ?) being crooked is not -- (inaudible).

This is actually a pretty good idea for transcribing the President's next press conference.

(inaudible) Gates (ph) Meeting with (folks ?) in Iraq [VPorter.com]


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