We Stalk George Clooney, So You Don't Have To

George Clooney -- who has such love in his heart for our Gotham-based sibling and its Gawker Stalker feature -- is coming to Washington. His visit to D.C. is wreaking havoc with the National Press Club's schedule. Inside Higher Ed reports:

george%20clooney%202.jpgThe president of George Mason University and the presidents of Virginia Tech and the University of Delaware were supposed to speak at the National Press Club in Washington at lunchtime tomorrow about the role of academic research in America's future competitiveness. But some guy named George Clooney is scheduled to talk at the press club about his recent trip to Darfur, Sudan at just about the same time.

A spokesman for George Mason, Dan Walsch, said that [Alan] Merten and the other presidents had concluded that the Clooney speech might draw a few reporters away from the higher ed event, and so they've canceled it for the time being. "What are the odds that two internationally known sex symbols would be in the same building at the same time?" said Walsch....

Yeah, we agree, that Sam Brownback is pretty dreamy...

So that's Thursday's big event -- Clooney's lunchtime appearance with Senators Brownback and Obama. (Not sure what Clooney will be up to on Friday; anyone know?)

On Saturday, it looks lilke Clooney will be attending the big White House Correspondents' Association dinner, perhaps as a guest of Newsweek. Finally, on Sunday, he'll close out his visit to the capital by attending the big Darfur rally on the Mall.

You know what these means, people: we need Wonk'd sightings! Please, send us detailed accounts of your brushes with this celebrity. Digital pictures of his Clooneyness are especially welcome. Thanks!

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