We Support 'Insight'!

The New York Times today tries to explain to its liberal, godless readers why they don't need to listen to or believe Insight, the Rev. Moon-funded magazine so awesomely crazy that even the Washington Times is embarrassed to be connected to it.

The issue that brought Insight to their attention is the mag's "Barack Obama is a secret muslim" thing. Which was obvs untrue, but if you read it as a Clinton campaign tactic, then it's the best political story of 2007 thus far.

And the Fox News rival MSNBC has picked up several of Insight's other recent anonymous "scoops." Among them: that Mr. Bush was afraid to fire his adviser Karl Rove because "he knows too much"; that there is a rift between President Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice over the president's support for Israel; and that Mr. Bush spent the months before the midterm elections in a bunker-mentality focused on the Iraq war and the elections to the exclusion of all else.

No bylines and crazy lies? We've apparently been moonlighting for Insight for years now.

Their front-page story today, in case you were wondering: JIMMY CARTER, NAZI.

Feeding Frenzy for a Big Story, Even if it's False [NYT]


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