We Told You More Resignations Were Coming

Donald Rumsfeld? John Snow? Uh, not exactly. Here's the latest news in personnel changes (for those of you who, like us, bother to read the bottom left-hand corner of A5 in the Post):

The head of the Government Printing Office announced yesterday that he will retire as soon as President Bush selects his successor.

Bruce R. James, 63, who has held the title of public printer since 2002, said he has helped turn around the GPO's finances and reorganized the agency to increase the use of digital technology and the Internet in carrying out its business.

bruce%20r%20james%20bruce%20james%20gpo.jpgWith all due respect to Mr. James, this isn't the most exciting news ever. In his tenure at the GPO, James's greatest accomplishment has been overseeing the marginalization of his office. As the Post reported last month, the GPO basically does diddlysquat these days, thanks to the availability of government documents over the internet. They still publish the hard-copy version of the Federal Register, but the number of paid subscribers has plummeted from 35,000 to under 2,000.

But hey, this Friday-before-a-holiday-weekend is still young. Perhaps we'll hear of a more exciting resignation before the day is over.

GPO Chief James Says He Will Retire [WP]


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