We Watch "The Daily Show" Even Though You Probably Already Do Yourself

Last night's "Daily Show" cuts through the red tape of the transfer of power in Iraq:

But Bremmer didn't leave before taking care of some last minute odds and ends, like completely changing the Iraqi legal code to include 97 new edicts on subjects ranging from the death penalty to the Iraqi tax rate which he says can be no higher now than 15 percent. And also -- this is true -- drivers can only use their horns in the case of an emergency and must always keep both hands on the wheel, he says, God forbid you lose control of the car while you're driving into an embassy.
DNC head dude Terry McAuliffe was also on. A tip: Describing yourself as the "head cheerleader of the Democratic party" brings on really unwelcome flashbacks to the Clinton administration. On the other hand, at least McAuliffe doesn't giggle like a tweaked out 13-year-old like some Republican National Committee chairmen we could name.

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