We Watch the Daily Show Even Though You Probably Tivo'd It or Something Yourself: Swift Novak

The Daily Show is still the only "news" program effectively mocking those Swift Vets ads. This time in their crosshairs: Bob Novak, "douchebag of liberty."

Novak, of course, most well known for heroically publishing the identity of an active CIA agent, which I thought sent a clear message to the world, saying, "If that's what we'll do to our own spies, imagine, just imagine, what we'll do to yours. . . Well, our man Novak is at it again, he has a little editorial in the Washington Post. . .

We had implied that the [Swift Boat Veterans for Truth] ad was a low blow, perhaps produced by those angry at Kerry for his post-war activities that they've never gotten over. . . But Novak has shown me that I'm wrong. Yesterday's Washington Post has an interesting editorial by Novak, saying, "Maybe we're not giving this group a fair shake." For instance, yes, Kerry's crew supports him, but as Novak reminds us, "these former sailors with Kerry for no more than five weeks." And Jim Rassmann, the man whose live Kerry saved, "was only spending a few days with Kerry when he fell or was knocked off the Swift Boad." So the guy Kerry saved was some stranger. It makes the whole thing more cowardly. Don't you see? Novak ends with the only logical conclusion about the book: "Unfit for Command sends a devastating message, unless it is effectively refuted." Because in this country, when a scurrilous charge is made against you, by people, you're guilty! Unless you prove otherwise! That's how it works! Kudos, Robert Novak, you truly are a douchebag of liberty.

Oh, and there was some kinda hot redhead on, too. Mary Druid? She was promoting her book, "Waterworld," which is about Kevin Costner's invasion of Iraq or something. Anyway, she was kinda hot.

Daily Show [Comedy Central]


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