We Will Not Let Tom Vilsack Forget Who He Is

So many sexual possibilities with two faces like that

Tom Vilsack appeared on the late-night TV show of painfully unfunny mega-chinned freak Jay Leno last night. However, despite the fact it would have surely stopped Leno from talking at least briefly, the Vilsack campaign demanded that the Tonight Show alter its plan to show the adorable picture above of Vilsack on his way to Midwest FurFest 2006.

Asked about it, Vilsack answered, "There wasn't time. It was a short segment." Also, apparently he worries that America will think he's some kind of freak. We urge him to reconsider: America is sick of slick, polished politicians. They want to know the real you, and if the real you likes three-ways with Tigger and Kanga Roo, then you need to give that to them.

And now ... he-e-e-e-e-e-e-r-e's Tom Vilsack! [Des Moines Register]


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