We Will See Your Peace, and Raise You a Double Homicide

Fucking hippiesJohn Granville was a hippie peacenik do-gooder buttinsky who went to the Sudan to help implement its 2005 "peace" agreement. He was being driven home from a New Year's party when someone cut his car off, shot him 5 times, killed his local driver and drove off. When he asked for help, bystanders (including the police) initially refused for fear of "tampering with evidence," but one person he begged to assist him as he lay bleeding, Nimat Malik, actually did help get him to the hospital where he eventually passed away after surgery. The Sudanese government says they're pretty sure it's just a random act of violence, but how can you really tell random violence from planned violence in Sudan anyway? Just because a gunman managed to cut off and shoot an American diplomat in a car at 4 am in Khartoum the day that a joint U.N.-African peacekeeping took control in Darfur, an offense that al-Quaida thinks merits a jihad, doesn't mean that it's not random, people, geez. Besides, this is what you get for trying to save the world, which is why Ron Paul wants to eliminate our presence overseas, to save the hippie peaceniks from themselves. [Yahoo News]


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