‘Weather’ On List Of Things GOP Will Not Talk About


Stupid liberals, why must you always be so stupid, introducing LOGIC into discussions that are clearly driven by IDEOLOGY and also: MONEY. See, after the Colorado wildfires burnt up a large portion of Colorado Springs, Democrats thought that it might be a good time tohold a hearing exploring the links between climate change and extreme weather. They were hoping that heatwaves and wildfires and all kinds of other extreme weather would translate into some sort of motivation to DO something about it, but as usual, this rested on the assumption that the GOP would be interested in "doing something" or sensitive to “evidence." But as we all know, the government just infringes on our freedom to buy lightbulbs when they "do something" and  “evidence” has no place in sober discussions held by the world’s most deliberative legislative body. So the GOP did what any sensible freedom loving political party would do, and refused to hold the hearing:

Via TPM:

House Republicans are blocking Democrats’ push for a hearing on the extreme weather that has ravaged the nation, from record heatwaves to severe storms. The move highlights the extent to which denial of the scientific consensus on man-made climate change has become Republican orthodoxy, even in the face of mounting evidence to the contrary.

In a letter (PDF) sent last Friday to their Republican counterparts, Reps. Henry Waxman (D-CA), the ranking member of the Energy & Commerce Committee, and Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL), the ranking member of the E&C subcommittee on energy and power, made what they counted as their 15th effort to hold a hearing into the matter. [...]

A new report by the National Climatic Data Center determined that the odds of this year’s extreme weather being a fluke — as opposed to the consequence of manmade carbon dioxide emissions — are extremely low.

“Willful ignorance of the science is irresponsible and it is dangerous,” the Democrats wrote.

First of all, why should the GOP focus on climate change when they could be working on blocking poor women from getting access to abortion? This, as we know, is one of their top legislative priorities. And second: stupid, stupid Democrats, with their reliance on “science” and “facts” and “evidence” and “logic.” You can use facts to prove something that isn’t even mostly true and everyone knows that, ESPECIALLY the GOP. Better luck next year, losers.



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