Wedding Proposals That Went All Wrong! Tabs, Thurs., Oct. 29, 2020

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LOL all I see is a man who can walk down stairs.

I will be extremely fucking happy when I get the chance to vote for AOC. — Cover story/profile at Vanity Fair

Researchers now say we should be getting 22 hours of sleep a day. (Reductress)

This old handwriting expert/Holocaust survivor flippppped the fuck out about Trump's handwriting decades ago, said the only one that came close of 200,000 he'd examined in his career was ... you guessed it! Charles Manson. (Daily Kos)

Poll: Everything's comin' up BIDEN! (CNN)

Wait a fucking minute: "Go ahead and vote everyone, we might invalidated them AFTER"?

The Supreme Court (with Justice Barrett not participating) has refused to expedite consideration of the cert. petition in the Pennsylvania voting case. Justices Alito, Gorsuch, and Thomas issued a separate statement saying that time was too late to review things now, but strongly stating a belief that counting the later ballots would be unconstitutional and that there could well be review after the election of the consideration of these ballots.

Rick Hasen at Election Law Blog

Joyce Vance big pictures it at MSNBC.

Be aware. Brian Beutler games out their extraordinary bad faith and how they might seek to invalidate vast categories of lawfully cast ballots. (Crooked Media)

Militia shithead goes on Alex Jones to promise he's ready to kill us all, but like probably only if we need killing. — Media Matters

Relevant! Trump and MAGA supporters want to kill you. (Rude Pundit)

How does QAnon survive none of its theories coming true? The same way every other cult does. — Religion Dispatches

Indivisible will be protesting the day after the election if Trump does a Trump. Find your event here. (Protect The Results)

Grifters gonna ... well you know. Person on Instagram uses coronavirus tenant shield policies to get a few extra months out of the summer rental she never paid for, but take with grain of salt because New York Post.

HEROES! — Reddit Saved You a Click

Even I don't have all these Halloween cocktails ingredients. Well, except for everything needed for 1, 2, and 3. Oh and 5. And almost everything for 6. But definitely not everything you'd need for the other six. (Liquor)


"DEBATE NIGHT 2020!" — A Bad Lip Reading of the First Presidential Debate of 2020

This is TOO MUCH PACKAGING! — Big Global Travel

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