wedmornlogo.jpgWe'd like to write about something else; really, we would. But the departure of Scott McClellan and the changing responsibilities of Karl Rove are all that people are talking about today.

Let's see, what have we heard... Word on the street is that this wasn't Scott's decision. This makes sense, given that McClellan's explanation of his departure at this morning's press conference was vague and lame. His departure may be best explained by the White House's desire to remove the Rummy resignation calls from the front pages of the nation's newspapers.

We also hear that Josh Bolten told McClellan only yesterday that he would be leaving. Ouch. (Of course, reports that Bolten was shopping Scotty's job around earlier this week were not a good sign; McClellan may have seen the writing on the wall.)

As for McClellan's likely successor, Hotline is all over the story. The latest news: hottie-cum-firecracker Torie Clark, who regularly goes toe-to-toe with Paul Begala on CNN, does not want the job. Neither does Dan Bartlett. We can't really blame them.

Here are three new names to add to the mix: Mark Corallo, Trent Duffy, and Mark Pfeifle. We reported earlier that Duffy previously expressed no interest in the job; but Bolten, to whom he is close, may be able to change his mind.

And that's the latest unsubstantiated speculation and wild rumor about your next White House press secretary.


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