Usually they make the Devil sign ... - Wonkette

Oh how cute, the War Family makes little peace signs at the photographers. What other kind of douchebag behavior did our Royal Family partake in this weekend with Russian buddy Vlad the Putin?

Watch out, Dobby! - Wonkette

First, Laura did the Vulcan Nerve Grip on Putin so he would behave and quit saying nasty things about this administration being worse than the Nazis.

I looked into his soul ... - Wonkette

It worked so well that within minutes, a docile Putin was making peace pledges to Old Man Bush's dog.

I CAN HAS 3RD TERMZ? - Wonkette

In return, the dog guaranteed the White House would not protest a third, fourth or fifth term for President Vladimir.

Fuckin' bike - Wonkette

Dubya stomped away in rage after "that goddamned bike tried to git me."

In sympathy - Wonkette

Putin thoughfully brought over some flowers after learning Bush's mother was dead.

Same time, next year - Wonkette


When you people are serious, you'll bring guns - Wonkette

Everybody loves Bush.

9/11 truth! - Wonkette

"And Vlad, that remote-controlled second plane banked so beautifully into the second tower, I almost cried."

Useless Satanic Asshole - Wonkette

Ever wonder how Junior remembers what country he runs?

And it's allemande left and allemande right, come on ya fuckin' dummy get yr right step right - Wonkette

The winner of this round of Patty Cake gets Azerbaijan!

Who knew *Barbara* would turn out to be the hot one? - Wonkette

Say what you will about Lil' Barbara, but she does go fishing in a little black dress.

Peace sign? Check. Fat guy in skirt? Check. Different-colored Chuck Taylors? Check. - Wonkette

Protesters in Kennebunkport. Bush will be president forever.

Hooray! - Wonkette

And this is the sea mine that blew 'em all up, the end.

Russian President Vladimir Putin Visit [Yahoo News]


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