Weekly Standard Liveblogs From Camp Victory Mini-Mart


  • Did you wake up feeling a tingly sensation in your loins? That's because it's MATT'S 29TH BIRTHDAY TODAY! Happy birthday Matt! We sent you a .jpg cake on Facebook. Do you like .jpg? [Matt Yglesias]

  • Ezra Klein claims to have an upset tummy and refuses to blog today. (He is taking Jell-O shots and eating .jpeg cake and listening to Wu-Tang Clan with Matt Yglesias.) [Ezra Klein]

  • Miss Oklahoma or Elena Kagan: Which lady is not a socialist Harvard fancy-pants Law Dean, ergo the most perfect Supreme Court nominee? [RedState]

  • California is a little freaked out that Texan social studies textbooks refer to slavery as "good times ... good times." [Think Progress]

  • The Weekly Standard is having a whole bunch of fun on its Baghdad safari and has already bought so many couches from the Camp Victory Ikea. [Weekly Standard]


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