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I told Evan to go ahead and skip the Top Ten, and I would write it at ya, to thank you for sending me to #Mexico and give you baby pictures of #Mexico, and you know what that bitch did? He started the post anyway and put all the links in it, like some kind of common helpful DOK. He either would like a raise, or to ensure that ONLY HIS POSTS WERE ADDED BY "BEYONCE."

Let's learn, together, about what happened this week while mama did vacation like a common Michelle Obama, spending all the GRRR TAXPAYER MONEY all la-di-da, going to Spain to see the king!

10. WTF Is Happening In Georgia? A Lawsplainer Of All The Courts Kicking Brian Kemp In The Jimmies Right Now. Did Brian Kemp get kicked in the jimmies? Is Stacey Abrams Madam Hotness now? Can somebody read this and tell me what happened? Aw shit, NOPE.

9. CNN: Give Jim Acosta Back His Press Pass Or HE WILL KILL AGAIN. This one I know about. They sued Trump, Trump lost, Trump declared FLAWLESS VICTORY.

8. Trump's Matt Whitaker Appointment Turning Into ClownF*ck Of 'Jacob Wohl' Proportions. You heard about this fucking guy? I was in #Mexico, and I still heard about this fucking guy. Does this post have anything about the big-dickin' toilet? Because all the posts should really have something about the toilet for dicks.

7. Trump White House So Mad Everybody Thinks Matthew Whitaker Is Dumb Unqualified Meathead Dickbrain. This one should have it too, I don't know, I was on vacation. Have you been on a vacation lately? I recommend them A LOT.

6. Wisconsin School's Nazi Prom Photo Sure To Go Over Well With College Admission Boards. Kids heil the darnedest things!

5. Here Is Your Bloody Kurt Vonnegut Again, For The Centenary Of The Armistice. I didn't read this, but several people sent us money for posting it, so it's probably really good. You should read it, and then if you want you should send us money.

4. Florida Recount Happening, Andrew Gillum Unconcedes. Hooray! :(

3. Fox News Can't Believe Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Won't Sell Clothes She Doesn't Own To Pay DC Rent. The number of gross old white men who can't WAIT to police AOC and her body is somewhat disconcerting!

2. Sean Hannity Cannot Believe Michelle Obama Would Be So Crass As To Bring Up Trump's Birtherism. I feel like I know what this post is about just from the headline. WE ARE SERVICEY.

1. The Top 6 Signs Robert Mueller Is About To Indict The Sh*tfire Outta Some Folks, According To #Science. My friend Deb was reading this one while I was on vacation at her house in #Mexico and she was laughing and laughing, so it's probably good.


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Now, as promised, here is our bebe Mexicana, doing bebe Mexicana things, like eating ceviche and drinking pina coladas (wait, that was me) and mostly never getting the hell out of the pool. I would like to personally thank you for helping us pay our writers and ourselves a living wage and also vacation, we fucking needed it and now I WON'T DIE.

Gracias, te amos, adios!

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Rebecca Schoenkopf

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