It is not clear why this bizarre, fancy pants Republican campaign ad from Pennsylvania Senate candidate "Steve Welch" needs five and a half entire minutes to painstakingly explain why Democratic rival Sen. Bob Casey is Barack Obama's secret long-lost twin brother, because HELLO, obvious. But Republican primary voters are sort of a dim lot sometimes, so Team Welch also helpfully Photoshopped Bob Casey wearing the exact same tie as Barack Obama multiple incriminating times, as proof. Why can't Bob Casey just admit that he is black already?

See those two babies at 0:25? The one white and the one black? If you smoosh the two of them together, they make a bi-racial, like Barack Obama, who is like Bob Casey, who is by the cumulative property squared minus its root plus two also a bi-racial, which makes him black. Several paid actors also verify this is the case! But all fun and games aside, Steve Welch reminds us at the end of the video that he has only white children, which was the main point all along. [YouTube via Political Wire]


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