Weird Youtube Proves High School Teacher Didn't Call Trick-Or-Treaters The N-Word, Despite Media's Evil Lies


Tipster "Nicholas" writes:

Would someone figure this out, and then explain it to me in writing on an internet site?

Sure, no problem, "Nicholas!"

[watches video]

[picks brain off floor]

[stuffs it back into skull via nostrils]

[passes out]

[wakes up in a stranger's bed]

[dressed as a minotaur]

[me, not him]

[has aneurysm]

[is dead, and lamented by her loving fambly]

[Thanks, NICHOLAS]

The video, of course, is in response to this, which Dok so ably dokumented for us last week:

Well, that does not sound good. Surely there is an explanation!

And that explanation is that the liberal media LIES by reporting that this high school English teacher posted on his Facebook about little black children being disgusting filthy animals, because he did not post that! This hulking manchild next to him did, from his puter! That sucks when that happens, on the real. Also, this hulking manchild honestly seems a little developmentally disabled, so we do not know what to make of that beyond Jesus Fucking Christ.

So hulking manchild has an explanation, and that is that this "12 to 14-year-old niglet came up, blah blah blah pissed all over David's telephone pole." (Sorry, we are not listening to it again to transcribe.) And from then on, the friend conducting the totally exculpatory interview to set the matter straight refers to the 12- to 14-year-old boy as a "man." Maybe 5 times. Maybe 100 times! We lost track. Because it is very horrible that a grown man would whip out his pecker in front of little kids! You can see why that would be wrong!

And that is what we call "framing."

Is it possible that the black kid was Jewish, and thus would be a man (if he had reached 13, instead of only 12)? Sure! It is possible.

To conclude, Nicholas, stop Sammy Davis Jr. before he whizzes again.

[Youtube, via Wonkette operative "Nicholas"]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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