Weirdo God Kills Birds To Show Disapproval of DADT Repeal


We haven't spent a lot of time on this "birds dropping out of the sky" (landing?)/general death of animals thing; but it's ok, because this televangelist woman has done the work for us, and has come up with the obvious reason for it: the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Why does God have to be so weird and obscure about how he sends messages? Even a Teabagger knows how to make a protest sign.

Well, there’s something interesting we have been watching – let’s talk about this Arkansas pattern and say, could it be a pattern? We’re going to watch and see. But the blackbirds fell to the ground in Beebe, Arkansas, well the Governor of Arkansas’ name is Beebe. And also, there was something put out of Arkansas called Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell by a former Governor, this was proposed, Bill Clinton. As so, could there be a connection between this passage [Hosea 4] and now that we’ve had the repeal of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell where people now legally in the United States have broken restraints with the Scripture because the Scripture says in Romans 1 that homosexuality is not allowed.

This woman probably also would like to tell us about her plans for a new currency. And she'll go Glock down some more birds to make her next prophecy about gays come true.


Congrats! Oh. [Truth Wins Out]


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