Welcome to America, Potential Voters

speedygonzales.jpgMaryland continues to be the source of some of the greatest candidates running for office this year and incredibly racially awkward public appearance. The Baltimore Sun brings us the tale of three people vying to lose the Democratic nomination for Senate. Our personal favorite is Allan Lichtman, college professor. We're not sure what his field is, but after reading about his appearance before a group of Spanish-speaking auto mechanics, we can safely conclude that it's not linguistics.

In his own version of Spanglish, Lichtman patiently tries to explain he wants to be in the Senate, which "makes laws for the whole country."

"Yo soy professor running to be elected el solo professor in the U.S. Senate," he says.

"His own version of Spanglish" is a charitable description, considering he clearly learned it from Luis on Sesame Street. Apparently, "yo quiero comprehensive health care reform y mucho dinero por investigating alternative sources of energy" didn't make the final cut of his prepared remarks.

Lichtman's appearance before a group of Native Americans went similarly awry when he donned a feathered headdress and sang "Apache."

Senate Hopefuls Nip Heels of Leaders [Baltimore Sun]


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