Welcome To Obama's DC: It's Just Like New York, Only Thinner

Wednesday, August 4: Potenza’s summer special has everything you need to be happy in the summertime when it’s hot and you want to be anywhere but in DC: figs stuffed with cheese, meatballs made with veal, mushrooms and cheese, nutella candies, cannolis, and fancy Italian wine. Oh, and it's all actually affordable. [Potenza: Sweet and Savory Small Plates Deal]

  • Thursday, August 5: If you like your hot dogs to be described as "artisanal" and your beer NOT to be PBR, head to Bourbon Steak for their "Dog Days Dog" deal, where a Red Apron hot dog (it's a refreshing blend of dry-aged beef and pork) is paired with a cold pint of a craft beer for just $7. [Bourbon Steak]
  • Saturday, August 7 through Sunday, August 8: Shops and restaurants on 14th Street NW are using the fact that it's hot and the middle of summer to remind us that small-plates restaurants and modern furniture are all we really need to get through the worst of the summer heat. The area is hosting the MidCity Dog Days of Summer Sidewalk Sale: enjoy free gelato and free popsicles, as well as discounts on food, hardware, and even bedding. [MidCity]
  • Sunday, August 7: Though spending $3 on PBR is unheard of, spending $3 on a fresh whole crab, we can deal with. In fact, we enjoy this very much. Don't like PBR? They do have other beers on tap, but think of the children! [Tonic: Crab and Beer Sundays]
  • New Food: This week we learned that Washingtonians don’t need access to staple goods so long as they can eat at a large deli that is based in NYC. We also learned that Ray's Hell Burger may be coming to an easily-accessible area in the District, even it means sharing a burger with a prostitute or two. [Carmines, and Ray's Hell Burger via Prince of Petworth]
  • Fat: Michelle Obama's toned arms have saved the day: DC isn't the fattest city in America. Although, this may have more to do with our love of breastfeeding and taking the metro than all of our new gardens. Oh well. [NYT]

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