It's been months since our last redesign, so it's time once again to greet a new and improved Wonkette. This isn't a major overhaul -- we're saving that for August or something, probably -- but you'll notice a number of important and exciting changes.

* Bylines! Now you'll know who to threaten with legal action, and everyone will finally learn that Ken is the funny one.

* Quicklinks! Like links, but quick! We don't know, Denton's in love with Facebook.

And other things! All designed around speeding load times and delivering as much information as your puny brains can handle at one time. And not at all around forcing more click-thrus to increase our page views!

We're well aware that change terrifies you, but before you curl up in a fetal position on your office floor, take a moment to click around and explore the new layout. Something broken? Hate something? Email us with all comments, complaints, and bugs. Because we're pretty sure there's going to be a bit to fix. (Please include OS and browser with bug reports, so that we can ignore the iPhone tools.)


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