Welcome To Your New Old Cold War

  • The ceasefire in Georgia didn't hold, so President Bush sent in American troops to deliver relief supplies. Meanwhile, Russian President Medvedev says the separatist regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia should be free if they wanna. [New York Times, Wall Street Journal]
  • Demographers predict that in the future, young Americans will all be Hispanic, while old Americans will be lily white. [Washington Post]
  • Special News Shocker: Jesse Jackson probably won't be speaking at this year's Democratic National Convention. He's spoken at every convention since 1984. [The Hill]
  • Barack Obama and John McCain will both make their case to religious people at some forum on Saturday. [Reuters]
  • John McCain is really running with the "We are all Georgians" line. And look who didn't turn down his op ed! [Wall Street Journal]
  • Obama and McCain are officially neck and neck in a poll. [Pew Research Center]

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