Welcome To Your New Quagmire

  • Obama administration officials stressed that the July 2011 Afghanistan exit date was more like "July 2011-ish." [New York Times]
  • Scads of hippies and UN members descend on Copenhagen this week to strum guitars and explore their feelings on the fanciful subject of climate change. [Telegraph]
  • Good news! The notorious money-losing TARP program is on track to lose $200 billion less than planned. Unspent funds will go to John Boehner's sunless tanning cream budget. [Washington Post]
  • Would you like some "taint" with your "beef"? Try Beef Packers ground animal product, contaminated with a hot new strain of salmonella. [USA Today]
  • New study proves it! Some fat people were just born to be fat. [Chicago Tribune]
  • Two feedings, one diaper change, and one hour later, Baby K. Smith finally allows his ma to hit publish on her very first Daily Briefing in 14 weeks.

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