Welfare Reform Works!

It looks like the number two threat to marriage is finally responding to the measures taken by the Bush administration to defend the sacred institution of marriage. To review: Asked by a reporter if -- in the context of preserving the scared institution of marriage -- the president "would like to see. . . Britney Spears behave herself," White House spokesman Scott McClellan noted, "I think if you look at some of the steps that we've taken in the welfare reform reauthorization, we have proposals in there to help strengthen marriage and help individuals." Well, it's working: Brit Brit is going celibate. Tired of trying to use foodstamps to buy her Pepsi, we guess: "She has now decided to stay celibate for a while and to start going to church regularly. She is also seeing two counsellors. She knows she had to do this to get her life back in order." Now she just has to work on the getting a job part.

Britney Turns Celibate? [Teen Hollywood]

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