Well-Dressed Obama Voter Suggests Something Or Other In Texas

Call me!Wonkette Operative "Bob" reports live from Precinct 3210 in Dallas, Texas: "OK, so my caucus is not much representative of anything, as we are one of those urban black-white transition areas, with a vote that appeared to be about 75% African American professionals, 20% White, and 5% anything else, including Latino. All were very young.

"All I can tell you about the typical 3210 Obama girl is she appears to be quite wealthy (I think that bag is easily $500 bucks worth), can not quit texting even while she's trying to sign in at the caucus, and chews a lot of fucking gum.

"Must be that smoking affinity they have with the dude - oh yeah, she also dresses like something out of Cosmo. The best Obama girl, who I could not photograph because she one's of those people constantly aware of making an impression on anyone, was the direct product of Margeret Cho's imitation of the Korean Valley Girl, complete with gum, texting, phone calls ("Have Fun At Your Caucus!"), beleaguered boyfriend ("We discussed ahead of time you would caucus for Obama! Do not change your mind!"), and a black towel tucked into her belt and over her crotch with a white-print Obama '08 emblazoned on it. Bottom line, my precinct was probably 70-30 for Obama, but if you think there's no racial divide in amongst Texas Democrats anymore, you are just really wrong."


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