Well It's 1 2 3 4, Take the Elevator

* Not before 9, gentlemen: "I mean, never mind the whole hitting-on-someone-in-an-elevator thing, but who does this before 9am? Before the toothpaste taste has even left your mouth? Before the last eye booger has been found and stealthily removed?" [Average Jane]

* "Rock Your Body" in the CVS line. [If You See Something, Say Something]

* "CIA: Oooooh. English speaking democracies -- you're all the same to us!" [Talking Budgie]

* Concerned about the falling housing prices in Northern Virginia? You should be terrified. [Northern Virginia Housing Bubble Fallout]

* Want to feel cultured? Check out The Tempest at the Folger -- or don't. Read the review first. [Countersignature]


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