Well-Known A**holes Judith Miller And James O'Keefe Discuss Why They Are The Worst

Judith Miller is a failed reporter who wrote fake stories about fake WMDs in Iraq that helped get the nation boned up and ready for WAR WAR WAR!

James O'Keefe is a prissy little piece of garbage who lures CNN reporters onto dildo lube boats, dresses up as Osama bin Laden and wades across the Rio Grande to prove absolutely nothing, tries to dupe people into committing voter fraud, to prove that voter fraud IS TOO a thing, and then cries like a little bitch about how everybody's going to murder him, just for journalisming so good.

These two decided to sit down together FOR A WHOLE HOUR to talk about ethics in journalism (LOL), though a better description of their fireside chat is why everybody thinks they are assholes, and also bad journalists. SPOILER ALERT: they think it is because they are actual hard-hitting journalists who "poke holes in comforting narratives," according to Miller, as opposed to the actual truth about how they are assholes who are very bad at journalism. They also spend a lot of time finding new and different ways to say "The New York Times sucks."

We decided to test our theory that every single minute of this video is stupid and terrible, by not watching it, and instead just picking four random moments, to see how stupid and terrible they were, because who cares what these fuckheads think about ethics in journalism? He's a criminal, and she helped propagandize us into war, fuck them.

22:04: Judith Miller says, "I like to strive for objectivity. And I think what's happened at the New York Times is that the opinions of the editorial board have now dripped and drifted into the news section." Exactly! The news section is for blindly believing anything the Bush administration tells you about WMDs that don't exist. It's not for actual journalism, and it's definitely not for opinions.

42:15: James O'Keefe asks Judith Miller: "Do you think they'll ever give a Pulitzer Prize to someone who is not part of the New York Times at all?" Miller gives O'Keefe exactly the blowjob he was begging for by replying, "I think one day some of the work you're doing is going to be more widely acknowledged, you know, your ACORN study, your ACORN technique. It was very controversial at the time, but you didn't violate the law, as people accused you of doing." SLUUUUUURP!

48:45: Judith Miller wishes everybody would stop focusing on what a horrible journalist she is and cover the amazing stories in her book, which are totally true: "They prefer ... to review Judy Miller, rather than what Judy Miller has written, and I find that really a betrayal of their craft, and I'm very disappointed in it." Maybe if she had been a better journalist to begin with, they would do that, just guessing.

49:03: OOH, they are going to tell us about "facts" now! Miller says that "it used to be, James, as you and I have discussed, that we were all entitled to our own opinions, we were not entitled to our own facts. In this day and age, we seem to be entitled to our own facts, as long as they are politically convenient." Indeed, in THIS DAY AND AGE, Judith Miller is able to write slobbering bullshit about how it's not her fault she propagandized us into war, and James O'Keefe is able to try to break into the offices of sitting senators, and then when news organizations correctly report what happened, he gets to sue them for libel (and lose LOL). We guess it is because they think they are entitled to their own facts.

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Now it's your turn, Wonkers! Pick different spots in the video, and tell us what assholes they are being in those moments, in the comments, which are not allowed!

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