We'll Wait For You, Obama (and Drink In the Meantime)

Wednesday, December 8: Obama loved the D.C. restaurant scene and would devour our rich-people hamburgers and gourmet junk food whenever he could. But just because the new Obama doesn’t want to have anything more to do with the silly intellectuals who came to D.C. for him and created a city in his image doesn't mean you can't be your sanctimonious self and drink to your favorite ideologies at any of D.C.'s liberal havens. Try Local 16: their happy hour goes until 8PM and their roof deck is heated. [Local 16]

  • Wednesday, December 8 through Tuesday, December 21: If you've ever wanted to tell a D.C. chef that his meal is about as good as a muffin served at renegade bake sale, now's your chance: Central is giving away free samples of a new dish every night at 9:30 pm, and will let diners decide if there's enough sea salt, cheese, or what have you in the items. At the end of the test period, Central will put the comment cards into a jar for a drawing. The prize? Dinner for two at the restaurant. [Central]
  • Wednesday 8 through Thursday, December 23: So long as That Which Infiltrates Real Life from the Teevee doesn't have to do with going off and killing caribou, we think we can handle it: Georgetown restaurant Old Glory is hosting a "Festivus" celebration complete with the infamous aluminum pole, M&M-covered chocolate cake, and Airing of Grievances, now through Thursday, December 23. [Old Glory]
  • Saturday, December 18: Brickskeller is closing; not that anyone really goes there any more, seeing as how the city is now home to fancier beer palaces. But it’s always unfortunate when trailblazing restaurants are pushed out by their better recreations, maybe. You have until the 18th of December (or so) to drink there one last time. [Washington City Paper]
  • New Food: Cities, a new restaurant that features food from different cities around the world, just opened downtown. There was once a wall that stood between the restaurant Ardeo and the wine bar Bardeo in Cleveland Park, but the wall is now gone! The restaurant is now one large place for all your small plates and fancy wine needs. [Cities, Ardero+Bardeo]

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