Wendy Davis Politely And Respectfully Puts Pink Sneaker Up Bristol Palin's Ass


Here is Wendy Davis calmly and politely calling Bristol Palin a liar. We'll admit we're of two minds about this -- on the one hand, it might have been better not to respond at all to the griftjunior's dumb lies, because honestly. There's definitely something to be said for above-the-fraying it. On the other hand, by god, it's good to see her not just sit there and take it, to defend herself -- though she's far from defensive, and she doesn't reply in kind, except to simply say, in reply to a mean line from Bristol's blog (which Ramos incorrectly calls a "tweet"):

With all due respect to Miss Palin, of course, nothing that was said in that tweet is true ... I am very proud of the mother that I have been to my daughters. I have always been and will always be the most important female in their life.”

Now, what we really must focus on here is that Davis clearly doesn't know blogs from tweets when they're read to her on teevee. Can we really entrust to her the great state of Texas?

So yeah, while we're wishy-washy on the whole "above the fray" thing, we're glad to see her simply reject the whole dopey premise that she "abandoned" her daughters when they were already in high school and college. Guess that makes us American liberals.

Davis also rejected the idea that she has misrepresented her personal story -- as if getting help with college from her second husband somehow negated the actual not-having-money before she met him.

“Those allegations are really absurd, Jorge,” she replied. “My life story is my life story. I am a young woman who had lived in poverty for many years before I was able to work and lift myself out of that place, and I know that there are Texans across the state that are facing the same challenges that I once faced.”

On the other hand, huge scandal -- she wasn't really a single mom at 19, because until she was 21 she was only separated, not divorced, which means that her phantom marriage certificate magically made raising two daughters and living in a trailer park a complete breeze. Make a note, folks -- you can only call yourself a single parent once the ink is dry on the divorce. And people with reality shows are the ones who really have it hard.

[Fusion via Mediaite]

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