We’re All Getting Rich On Mitt Romney’s First Day, Video Says


Well tut tut, a Friday news dump: Mitt Romney's first general election ad! Since it's an official ad, it's nice and sunny and banal, unlike the "HOW MANY FOUNDING FATHERS DID OBAMA RAPE TODAY?" ones that his forty Super PACs will be running nonstop. It's about Mitt Romney's first day. What will happen? It will be sunny and tractors will cut wheat. A man will open a door in front of his Small Business. Each American will get five Keystone pipelines. Romney will "issue order to begin" fixing the health care system by eliminating the health care system and replacing it with tax cuts. Savvy young tech whizzes will play on the computer. Mitt Romney will give a speech before a joint session of Congress, on Day 1. A black lady in a business suit will fold her arms and smile because of Mitt Romney. He will stand next to a black man for two seconds for the cameras. Also too, Reforms. Then he'll jump off a cliff, in despair, maybe. The years 2013-2017 will be "good for America," hehe, hoo boy.

UPDATE: He will also shake a black lady's hand for half a second; we missed this part. That's three, quota met!

[via Outside the Beltway]


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