We're Already Tired of This Story: Kerry's Sex Life

Drudge has more, sort of:

    FROM CONGRESSIONAL QUARTERLY'S CRAIG CRAWFORD: "Drudge item on Kerry intern issue is something Chris Lehane (Clark press secy) has shopped around for a long time -- it was one reason the Gore vetters in 2000 shied away from Kerry as a running mate choice -- their conclusion that it wasn't bad enough to disqualify him, except for the fact that they couldn't risk it as they were trying so hard to distance themselves from Clinton's personal failings (note: Lehane worked for Gore at the time -- and briefly advised Kerry during this campaign). The Kerry camp has long expected to deal with this, and have assured party leaders they can handle it."

This has a ring of truth, and not just the Lehane part. Of course Kerry's people think they can handle this. Whether they actually can. . . ? [Ed note -- Is Kaus too busy celebrating to post on this? Where is he?]

But our favorite bit of background is this, from NewsMax.com last April:

    "One story being examined for the upcoming series involves Kerry’s brief fling in the 1980s with a young British journalist working in Washington," The Hill reports. . . "The woman soon tired of the arrangement and dumped Kerry for a member of Pink Floyd."

It doesn't appear to have been published on April 1, so we'll assume that this story did exist at some point. (Of course, every day is April Fool's at NewsMax.com!) But what can we add? Here's a thought: Ouch.

CLARIFICATION: The NewsMax.com story is not about the same fling Drudge is writing about -- Kerry was single then. While it may have been sort of embarrassing to be dumped for David Gilmour, it's not scandalous.

The Hill: Boston Globe to Probe Kerry Private Affairs [NewsMax.com]

Sen. Kerry under microscope of Boston Globe reporters [The Hill]


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