We're Half Awake In A Fake Empire

  • Having won the primary in Puerto Rico, Hillary Clinton has to decide whether she wants to be a Supreme Court justice, a governor of New York, a senator from New York, or a bitter Fighter $20 million in debt. [New York Times]
  • Barack Obama quit the Chicago church he attended for 20 years so that Fox News can quit sending its spies over there every Sunday. [Wall Street Journal]
  • The Danish embassy in Pakistan was bombed, killing six people or maybe eight, in an incident probably related to Danish newspapers republishing a couple of poorly drawn cartoons about Mohammed. [Washington Post]
  • Say a prayer and hoist a drink for Ted Kennedy, who goes under the knife today to address his brain problem. [The Hill]
  • Now even Hillary Clinton's staunchest allies are admitting they might throw her over after Tuesday. [Los Angeles Times]
  • One possible reason for the sudden erosion of Hillary support: Sex and the City opened, so Clinton advocates were drunk in matinees all weekend. [Los Angeles Times]

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