We're Just Waiting For Slate's Comic Book Adaptation

janetjacksonubl.jpgKola Boof, Osama bin Laden's former sex slave (she of the memoir revealing UBL's greatest love of all), has a great agent. Her publisher just sent a note TPM Muckraker, after they had the temerity to point out a factual inaccuracy in her book. Included was this thrilling tidbit:

We're also excited about the motion picture being planned about Ms. Boof's book, and though Kola is not happy with the casting, we are excited that such a major star as Janet Jackson may be taking on the role.

We sympathize, Kola, but What's Love Got to Do With It was ten years ago, and Angela's a bit old for a Wonder Years-lovin' Pop Diva-obsessed terrorist mastermind. No, as her stunning performance in The Nutty Professor 2 demonstrated, Miss Jackson's perfect at playing desperate women trapped in unthinkably horrible situations.

Osama Gets His Groove Back? Publisher Defends OBL Ex-Lover's Claims [TPMMuckraker]


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