We're Number 1!

Ouch, my skin! - WonketteThe FBI released its annual crime statistics report today, and once again our humble district is the Murder Capital of the United States. Not so tough these days, are you, New Orleans?

Nationwide, the murder rate is up 3.9%, which is comforting. And in D.C., the murder rate per 100,000 people is a staggering 35.4. No other "state" comes close; Puerto Rico has a murder rate of 19.6 people per 100,000.

But the FBI cautions us against believing sensationalist media reports about these numbers, because there are many complicated factors -- like, poor urban people get killed all the time, and D.C. is all urban, so don't compare it to Iowa because have you tried to find decent sushi in Iowa, etc.

Crime in the United States 2005 [FBI]

U.S. violent crime rose in 2005, may keep going up [Reuters]


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