We're On Next Year's Shortlist For Sure

postpulitzer.jpgYesterday, Washington Post Fashion writer Robin Givhan won a Pulitzer prize for criticism. She received the news in the Post's newsroom in Washington, D.C., wearing a sensible Ivory-colored sweater that represented a consolation of sorts to the purposefully unflashy style of her Beltway-locked coworkers (Ms. Givhan lives and works from New York). On her left hand, riding astride her middle finger, was a magniloquent amber ring, a hint of Uptown frission and a protective barrier -- intentional or no -- against the dowdification (though not necessarily Dowd-ification) of a DC newsroom.

Blah blah blah greater cultural significance metaphor for something larger etc. etc.

(Picture by Burnt Pixel/Keith Jenkins, under a Creative Commons license)

Disclaimer: We thought with complete sincerity that this piece was petty much the only intelligent thing written by anyone about the Cynthia McKinney thing. Congrats, Robin.


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