YAY: More Americans Hearing 'Mixed News' About Failing Economy

YAY: More Americans Hearing 'Mixed News' About Failing Economy
  • Here is your weekly economic forecast: John Boehner has been really constipated lately, so please stop asking when he'll squeeze all of those new jobs out of his anus. Besides, only nerds care about job growth. What's important is how the public perceives our failing economy. And "24% say they are hearing mostly bad news [about the economy], down 15 points from 39% in early December. The proportion saying they are hearing a mix of good and bad news has jumped from 55% last month to 68%." Yes, some good news is mixed in with the bad news, maybe! (The good news is that banks repossessed one million homes in 2010. The bad news is that Justin Bieber might get a haircut!) Remember: You will never hear any bad news if you watch Glee all day. [Political Wire]

  • Every single penny we spend in Afghanistan is flushed down the toilet. Geezus. Those aren't Korans, they're pennies! [McClatchy]

  • Tom DeLay is a victim of political persecution? Okay, sure. [AP]


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