Wesley Clark: Who's Crying Now?

A singer in a smokey room</p><p>A smell of wine and cheap perfume/For a smile they can share the night/It goes on and on and on and onRyan Lizza reports on the twilight of the Clark campaign:

    The already paper-thin wall separating the young Clark media embeds and the young Clark staffers was finally torn down, and both sides joined the general in the kitchen. There, at the top of his lungs, the former Supreme Allied Commander sang Madonna's "Like a Prayer" and Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'." One ex-Clarkie quipped, "The scariest part was that he knew all the words."

Oh, it's not scary at all: The RoboCandidate2004 comes standard with an 80s pop song database. The ability to consume liquor, however, sounds like an after-factory modification.

THE GENERAL'S SWAN SONG [Campaign Journal]


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