West Coast Bureau Now Begins Drinking

I inhaled the shit out of that joint. - WonkettePolls are starting to close out here -- Nevada and Montana and Iowa (among others) at 10 p.m. Eastern time, California at 11 p.m. A whole new wave of Exit Polls are coming every hour.

Your bureau chief has dutifully voted against all incumbents and forQuestion 7, which makes it legal to always be high. At the moment, Dems need just three more for the Senate and a dozen for the House. Watch for weird twists in a lot of Mountain/Western states with some "Go home, bum!" goodbyes for entrenched GOP congressmen/women.

We'll steer away from numbers now (subject to change) because anybody can watch the teevee and see numbers. Instead, prepare for hours of increasingly incoherent "analysis," cheap jokes and made-up gossip. Sail on, oh mighty ship of state.

Your Election Night Guide [American Spectator]


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