West Wing Futures: America Makes Its Pretend Choice

seaborn.jpgIf there's one thing West Wing watchers know, it's that John Wells can't be trusted to be the brains behind filling the gaping, John Spencer-sized hole in the show's plot. At least one respondent summed up the John Wells-era correctly, terming it "shitastic glory." So we turned to you readers to offer predictions and suggestions as to what might happen to the Santos campaign going forward in this television season. Pretend America thanks you for your responses.

Reader feedback after the jump:

As far as regular West Wing cast members go, there was one not-forgotten favorite that topped the suggestions. As one respondent's wife put it: "Go down to the unemployment office and [start] looking for Rob Lowe." Yes, most of you, in the throes of Christmas spirit, thought Lowe could definitely use the work. "Maybe he really did win" the Orange County Congressional seat. If so, he hasn't developed a voting record circuitous enough for Karl Rove to hang him with. Collie F. James IV smartly sums up the rationale:


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